Eldon on tour in the US

The Eldon Showcase Van has been unveiled as a trade show booth on wheels. The van will introduce Eldon’s range of enclosures and accessories to electrical distributors and wholesalers throughout the United States.

The customized Freightliner Sprinter van contains an array of floor standing enclosures on one side and Eldon’s award-winning wall-mounted enclosures on the other side for a total of sixteen different enclosure series inside the van. This gives potential customers the opportunity to see mild steel, stainless steel, fibreglass and polycarbonate enclosures as well as numerous accessories, including cooling and lighting modules, fans and 3-D mounting kits. The van is also fully stocked with Eldon’s US catalogues and product sheets.

“This van resembles having a trade show booth on wheels,” said Nathan Waters, Business Development Manager, GIE. “It gives potential customers the chance to see the quality and features of Eldon’s product firsthand as well as ask questions of knowledgeable representatives.” 

The response from distributors has been strong. Many companies have been extremely impressed by Eldon’s large range of enclosures both in terms of materials and dimensions. “After seeing Eldon's product line, the people we’ve visited have been wowed,” Waters continued. “They like the superior quality of the products and the competitive pricing."

So far Eldon’s showcase van has made appearances in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee. Next week, the GIE team heads west with stops planned in Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. If you’d like to see Eldon’s product line firsthand, contact the folks at GIE and let them schedule a visit from Eldon’s travelling showroom.