Advanced Thermal Management tool launched

Eldon has launched an exciting new web based Thermal Management software tool that is designed to fast track the sizing of filter fans, cooling units, heat exchangers and heaters for your electrical enclosures.

The new tool can be accessed by all Eldon customers free of charge as part of the company’s commitment to make doing business easier. The solution basically automates the calculation of thermal management requirements – a process that traditionally has often been both time consuming and not always as precise as desired.

The software offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications by calculating the heat dissipation within your enclosure, component by component.   Now available on all Eldon websites, the software works on all major Internet browsers.

Eldon’s new Thermal Management Tool will recommend an array of temperature/humidity modulating and measuring devices, including air conditioners, heat exchangers, filter fans, vortex coolers, heaters, thermostats and hygrostats.

The Thermal Management system takes into account both the size of the enclosure and the environmental conditions under which it will operate. A new option also enables users to select “outdoor installation” so that this information can be taken into account when thermal management solutions are recommended.