New online Express Customization model will make life easier for our customers

In the online configurator in the MyEldon customer zone, customers will now find a new model for quoting Express Customization of enclosures.

Even more user friendly, the new model, which is replacing the existing Express Customization tool, extends the functionality and offers many useful features for users.

Great features with the new Express Customization model

  • Easy selection of the base enclosure or accessory to be modified alongside with their quantities.
  • Specification of machining operations by enclosure side, or for the whole enclosure.
  • Quoted price calculated immediately. Indirect customers are quoted with gross prices while direct customers, registering for eCommerce, are quoted with net prices.

Our configurator in MyEldon is highly appreciated

The exciting features already available in the configurator are now widely used. Included are features such as item number generation suitable for placing repetitive orders, configurations stored in MyEldon, fast generation of quotation documents in all our languages and easy order placing by providing the quotation reference to nVent HOFFMAN or your distributor.

Easy to use

The configurator follows also follows a logical process. The enclosure and accessories required are selected in a straightforward configuration sequence in which customization requirements for finish, mounting facilities, or machining may also be specified. Once all details are entered into the system, a proper quotation document will be created with just one click. The quoted price includes all specific commercial conditions.

Placing an order

Just provide the quotation number generated in the configuration process. A repeat order can be easily placed, since a record of every item, including all technical documentation, is saved in the system. All your quotations are automatically stored in MyEldon and may be accessed at any time.

To avoid mistakes

We have integrated our manufacturing capabilities and limitations into the configurator. This means only options that can be handled in our manufacturing process are possible to select when you specify a customized enclosure. The configurator generates quotations quickly and smoothly. The system is smart, so when you try to select an accessory that doesn’t match the enclosure selected, the system will provide the correct item number.