New Eldon White Papers available

Eldon continuously provides comprehensive information on its products and services. The latest addition is a series of four White Papers that cover specific product related topics.

Intended to help customers get the most from the company’s extensive portfolio, Eldon White Papers provide more detailed, engineering-oriented descriptions of specific products or services. 

The new White Papers are published on Eldon’s website and can be accessed below:

Earthing: Looks at grounding and its role in protecting personnel, protecting equipment, and ensuring the integrity of electrical panels. The White Paper shows the grounding solutions provided by Eldon, both in its standard deliveries and as accessories.

Baying and lifting: The Enclosure Baying section discusses the options for baying and the related accessories. The section on Enclosure Lifting covers both floor standing and wall mounted enclosures. It presents Eldon's accessories for lifting and gives the maximum load that can be lifted with the different accessories and configurations, such as stand-alone and bayed enclosures.

Earthquake environments: Lists various enclosure configurations and their performance when located in seismic zones and environments with extensive vibrations. The enclosures have been tested according to the most relevant standards and the results are shown in this White Paper.

Loading capacity for floor standing units: Defines the maximum load allowed for the enclosure, including mounting plate, panels and profiles. ​

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your Eldon representative.