Message from Fredrik Wikström, Eldon CEO

Over the past few years, Eldon has kept up ongoing efforts to drive change throughout our manufacturing processes. Our goal is to deliver on the vision to constantly increase customer satisfaction by delivering reliable and competitive lead times, competitive price levels and a heightened ability to meet the ever growing market demand for greater flexibility. Change is never easy, but we’ve overcome the pain to gain a relentless focus on helping our customers do better business faster than their competitors. As a business in a competitive industry, we know the success of our customers is our success.

Fredrik WikstromEldon produces enclosure solutions for every building or industrial application. Traditionally, our core strength has been in the building market. Times change, however. Today, we are strong too in the industrial marketplace thanks to our innovative product development and new, more flexible service offerings driven by the evolving, export-driven market needs seen during 2013.

Our vision of the future embraces us delivering our customers’ enhanced flexibility and ease-of-use products. We have invested – and are continuing to invest – in a future that will lead to faster product customization processes and reduced delivery lead times.

It gives us great satisfaction to let you know that our new manufacturing set-up now has more than enough capacity to support future growth – and provide you with consistent ongoing quality. What’s more, we now provide you a wide range of support tools that make it easy to design electrical projects with our enclosure solutions.

We realize the vital role enclosures play in the supply chain. Without the enclosure, a panel builder cannot start the wiring, and your project is on standby. That’s why we have developed our new processes allowing us to move products around efficiently to their final destination, so you can benefit from fast and timely deliveries.

As we pursue our goal of being a high quality, value-added enclosure solutions provider, we are confident that the strategic direction we have chosen delivers the right platform to drive the execution of our plans as a metric for success.  It is an approach that builds on our belief that future investments in systems, markets and people deliver profitable growth – for you and us alike.

Trade shows are important opportunities for Eldon to demonstrate our products and interact with customers. I would love to share my visions and ideas – and get your feedback – during the Hannover Messe or SPS Nurnberg show in 2014. This is also a perfect opportunity for you to explore the latest product releases emerging from Eldon and feed in your own ideas and desires to us at Eldon.

On behalf of all my colleagues in the Management Team, I’d like to thank everyone working for us for their dedicated efforts and commitment over the past year. I also ask for your continuous support during 2014. I also, especially, want to thank all our other our external stakeholders from customers to suppliers to our other partners for their support and trust in Eldon during 2013.

We wish you all, and your family and friends, the Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for 2014, and we look forward to a great future together!

Fredrik Wikström,
Eldon Chief Executive Officer