Joining forces to ramp up innovation

Our legacy of innovation continues. nVent has innovation in its DNA and offers a fertile environment that will nurture creativity in the united efforts of all our people.

We believe innovation is about more than new products – we want to solve customer problems, contribute to greater productivity and enhance the safety and reliability of our products operating in harsh environments. Our ambition is to develop new solutions at an even faster pace to drive productivity and provide optimum protection.

We now have an expanded combined product offering, which includes the IEC enclosure range from Eldon, plus additional products from nVent HOFFMAN. The Eldon enclosures and accessories are now nVent HOFFMAN’s main IEC offering.

Here are some examples of new products and upgrades in the expanded range. For detailed information on our latest innovations, please see our “Innovations” brochure.
It can be downloaded here.

The combinable enclosure is our flagship and we bring new features beneficial to panel builders and end-users:

  • New patented retainer for side panels on the floor standing range
    Makes the entire assembly process easier and reduces assembly time. The side panels are supplied with the retainers pre-installed. No cage nuts and tools are required, reducing assembly time to just seconds.

  • Floor standing combinable enclosure with IP66 rating
    Available in mild steel and stainless steel, the new version offers a higher protection level for hosted components, helping reduce maintenance costs when the enclosure is installed in tough environments.

  • New outdoor combinable floor standing enclosure
    Equipped with a stainless steel frame and double aluminium walls. The combinable design provides extensive flexibility to the solution, allowing assemblies to be built in a number of different dimensions.

  • New outer mounting profile, CLPK
    Each profile has hooks on one side that keep the profile in the desired position while the other side is being fixed. This makes assembly easy. The new profile replicates the standard hole pattern at an outer mounting level, extending the width by 25 mm.

  • New mounting plate brackets, MPA04R
    Allowing the mounting plate to be installed from the rear of the enclosure. This is sometimes an advantage, particularly when the mounting plate is heavily loaded, as makes it easier to use a crane. Also, installing the mounting plate from the rear instead of the front gives the option to add an additional depth of 20 mm.

New accessories

We have upgraded many of our accessories as well. Here are some examples:

  • LED light, EL
    The first light designed specifically for our enclosures. Offers fast, tool-free assembly with the quick fixation system. Connection is easy thanks to a plug-and-play system. The same product can be used for voltages from 100-240, multivoltage.

  • Extended range of earthing accessories
    New PE busbars, isolators, earthing fixation points, and a complete range of copper busbars designed and tested for Eldon (now nVent HOFFMAN) enclosures. Accompanied by data that enables easy engineering and design of reliable earthing connections at the project planning stage. Check out our white paper with our superb earthing performance values.

  • New interlocking system for bayed enclosure configurations
    The new design reduces assembly time and provides a smoother interlocking operation, while increasing the strength of the mechanism thanks to new L-shaped interlocking bars, FMB. Launched in combination with the MCF range of upgraded flange mount disconnect floor standing enclosures, offering high ingress protection and the same user-friendly locking system as on the MCS range.

Widened product portfolio

Now, with nVent HOFFMAN and Eldon combined, our portfolio for customers in Europe has become even more comprehensive.

  • IECEx and ATEX enclosures
    IECEx and ATEX enclosures are designed to provide enhanced protection in hazardous locations, including petroleum and chemical processing, for example. ZONEX enclosures are designed and certified to meet ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, as well as IECEx standards for increased safety in housing electrical components in Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications. They are available in both stainless steel and plastic. These solutions are ideal for global OEMs and system integrators who provide automation solutions in the process industries.

  • Thermal Management
    nVent is a global leader in thermal management solutions. With thousands of served customers and applications globally, customers look to nVent HOFFMAN to provide the best solution for their application. The product portfolio was designed to serve different needs ranging from Automotive to harsh environments in Oil & Gas and Telecom.

    Customers in many industries are benefiting from our range of products for maintaining correct temperature and humidity in electrical enclosures. The Slim Fit cooling unit has three mounting options: on the outside of the enclosure, partially recessed, or recessed. Specially designed to meet the requirements of worldwide industrial customers, the Slim Fit air conditioner makes automation cooling easy for system designers and operations maintenance teams.

    T-Series compact outdoor units equipped with a reliable mechanical thermostat and a compressor heater, allowing operation in temperatures in the range -40°C to +55°C.

    The Thermoelectric cooler is a new, highly reliable cooling system working with DC power, that efficiently reduces the humidity inside the enclosure.

  • Panel Shop Automation solutions
    Labour-intensive panel building operations can be automated with nVent HOFFMAN’s comprehensive panel shop automation offering, now available through the European sales network.

    The ModCenter enables the user to drill, tap and mill complex holes and cutouts in enclosures in just minutes. NC-Cut is used to prepare cable ducts and DIN rails. The wire processing machine provides the right wire, cut to the exact length, precisely when needed.

    Wire processing machines are supplied with smart software to operate the machines or interface with leading CAD and CAE applications. The Personal Wiring Suite visualizes the panel wiring by providing the source and target plus the routing in the panel.

    For anyone building panels, these machines offer higher productivity with improved operator safety. Also, higher quality with defects virtually eliminated and greater flexibility. Costs are much lower, with savings of up to 80%.