Helping youngsters get more out of life

This winter has seen Eldon open its corporate wallet for a range of good deed activities to support young sports people, schoolchildren and health charities in its Romanian hometown, Brasov.

The 2013 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival (EWOYF) was staged just outside Brasov, a city of 270,000 citizens located in mountainous southeastern Transylvania. As a major local job provider with its modern enclosure plant, Eldon found it natural to sponsor the local ‘Brasovia’ winter sports club to help its young athletes participate in the EYOWF ski jumping event. 

The 2013 youth winter Olympics were staged in Poiana Brasov, Romania’s most popular ski resort that is just 12 kilometers from Brasov. The events included alpine skiing, biathlon, ice hockey, snowboarding and ski jumping. 

“Team Brasovia participated in what was a very competitive event and their performance exceeded expectations and they took away a lot of knowledge from the experience that will help them in the future,” said Daniel Teanc, Eldon Area Sales Manager. 

The summer and winter junior Olympics have been staged since the early 1990’s for young top athletes between the ages of 14 and 18. Held in two-year cycles, the festivals are designed to provide young athletes with great motivation and give sense to their careers from the very beginning. Eldon supports a number of other sports activities as part of its corporate social responsibility programs, including Brasov’s ‘Dinamo’ biathlon team for adults. 

The company has also provided help to several welfare institutions that support local children in need. 

For example, a day care center for low-income family children in Prejmer, a local Prejmer kindergarten and a foster care home for 6-14 year olds received a variety of donations ranging from educational materials to toys over Christmas and the New Year. 

“This last Christmas was the second year in a row that we mobilized a substantial effort to help the younger members of our community,” said Mihaela Farcas, HR Manager. “We believe providing tangible help to kids in need is a good investment in the wellbeing of our local community”.

Eldon is also a major contributor to the Romanian ‘YouToo’ foundation for children with disabilities. The foundation helps rehabilitate children by providing a range of therapeutic programs and works to integrate them into the community.

 “A lot of Eldon employees gave their time to these programs and we’re hoping to sustain the good work,” said Mihaela.