Shell uses Eldon enclosures in giant floating refinery

Only the highest quality components satisfied Shell Oil in the build of its unique floating oil refinery, "The Prelude" that has been described as the largest floating object in the world.

So Eldon stainless steel enclosures were a natural choice for use in the massive vessel, which stretches the length of four football fields and weighs as much as six aircraft carriers.

Positioned 200 km off the coast of Australia, the vessel will collect gas extracted by drilling rigs and platforms far out at sea for processing -- removing the need for pipelines to a refinery on land.  

Air Products will be constructing the nitrogen production plant on this prestigious project. The production plant will use a technology designed to pull nitrogen from air using a special membrane. The nitrogen will then be placed on top of the natural gas tanks to inhibit explosions and to ensure that the lines are free of gas.

Eldon has been selected to provide thirty-nine 316 stainless steel enclosures measuring 2000x1000x800. Thirty-six of the enclosures will be mounted in groups of six, while the remaining three will be free standing. Designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, the stainless steel enclosures will supply power to the nitrogen production plant. Delivery is set for mid-April.

"The construction of this vessel is a major undertaking by Shell", said Knut Arnestad, Eldon Country Manager for Norway. "We are very pleased to be working with the team at Air Products and overjoyed our stainless steel enclosures were chosen."