Eldon will ensure sufficient stock levels despite the uncertainty about the Brexit Deal

Eldon is taking relevant measures to secure a continued steady supply of products to all Distribution Partners and customers in the UK despite the unclear situation in regard to the Brexit Deal.

The level of standard stock items will be increased by the end of January to result in a stock that will be 30% higher than normal levels. If there is still No Deal by the end of January, Eldon will continue to increase standard stock items throughout February which will result in Eldon UK stock being 60% higher than normal levels.

Mark Sanders, Eldon’s Sales Director for the UK and Ireland, wishes to convey this message to all Eldon’s customers: “We are taking all possible measures to secure continued on-time deliveries to our valued Distribution Partners and customers. I am in regular contact with our Partners to make sure they also secure sufficient stock to make sure everyone’s operations will continue to run smoothly, regardless of unforeseen events in conjunction with the Brexit process.”

Please contact Mark Sanders directly on mark.sanders@nvent.com, should you have any further questions.