Eldon Power System Software

Eldon has developed a new software tool for low voltage switchgear assemblies design, for electrical engineering companies involved in the manufacturing of low voltage switchgear.

The purpose is to make panel design easier and faster. Dedicated training is available on request and the tool is available on our website.

Reliable power supply is critical

The need for reliable electrical power supply into a facility through the switchgear panel makes it a highly critical circuit in the entire power distribution network. A failure here would result in the commercial or production facility being without power, which can affect both human well being and generate big production losses. Meticulous design work of the switchgear equipment is, therefore, a must to secure steady power supply.

Eldon’s contribution to low voltage distribution

Eldon offers enclosures and accessories for hosting low voltage switchgear suitable for most markets, from buildings to industrial installations. As an additional service to its customers, Eldon has developed a software tool to simplify the design work, quotation, documentation, planning and procurement of low voltage switchgear solutions up to 5000 A.

With the help of the Eldon Power & Distribution Tool, the design engineer can avoid any mistakes when choosing the right components and materials required to build the panel. Pre-defined groups of components can be arranged to reduce the work even more. One example is the possibility to define the accessories required for a plate for the installation of a 250 A switch. Busbar size selection with the necessary number of busbar supports to comply with system requirements can also be defined in the Tool.

The Tool also supports thermal analysis to ensure that the temperature rise is not higher than recommended.

The cost calculation is speeded up as well since the Tool, together with the all documents needed for the quotation process, will generate an Excel-file with all items needed for the construction of the panel.

The tool allows for generation of different views of the panel to show what it will look like in the end. The views shown can be external with front covers and internal with the busbars, for example. In addition, a layout plan may be created to define the fixation requirements for when the panel is installed in the field.

Access the Power& Distribution Tool

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