Eldon expands global market presence

Eldon is forging ahead with its ongoing global growth. The last few months have seen Eldon significantly widen its distributor network with new partnerships in Colombia, Ghana and Iceland.

Eldon’s cutting-edge enclosure, accessories and right quality solutions are winning the confidence of new panel builder, machine builder and system integrator customers in a growing number of international markets. In recent months, Eldon has secured further distributor partners in Colombia, Ghana and Iceland in order to meet the increased customer-led demand for its comprehensive range of enclosures for every industrial application.

“We are very excited by the fact that Eldon comprehensive range of standard and bespoke enclosures are attracting in new markets as a result of our reputation and the confidence in our approach. Our track record in all markets for over 90 years in delivery high quality, cost efficient enclosures for every imaginable application is helping us grow our footprint beyond the 45 countries our products were in at the beginning of 2013. The quality of our service and people are paying solid dividends in helping Eldon deliver on customer expectations”, said Eldon Export Sales Manager, Alex Sprenger.

Eldon in Colombia

EcosynergiaIn Colombia, Eldon has partnered with Ecosynergia, a company that has built its success as a supplier of universal enveloping, energy management systems and machine safety systems on delivering top-notch customer services and excellent levels of quality.  Ecosynergia says a key advantage of partnering with Eldon is having easy access to the wide variety of products that satisfy a high percentage of market applications’ as well as the company’s channel specific solutions specially adapted for system integrators, OEMs, panel builders or engineering consultants.

“But apart from its products, Eldon’s main asset is the dedication of its employees to meet customer needs in the best way,” said Ecosynergia sales manager Guillermo Suarez Duque.

Eldon in Ghana

PPA LtdIn Ghana, Eldon has won the honor of becoming the sole enclosure supplier to Process & Plant Automation (PPA) Ltd, a very substantial in the Africa marketplace with customers such as Shell, Guinness, Diageo Ghana, Vodafone Ghana and many more. The company provides a wide variety of electrical services from cable wiring and generator installation to a complete power supply system, using state of the art technology backed by excellent customer service and technical support.

“We were impressed from the start by the aesthetics and fine finish of Eldon’s products, which made them our preferred supplier of enclosure solutions,” said PPA Ltd Sales Manager, Ekua Adams.

Eldon in Iceland

ReykjafellIcelandic company Reykjafell has built a rock solid reputation for providing a complete palette of specific solutions for installers, engineers and designers from across a wide spectrum of electrical installations. The company prides itself on delivering unmatched standards of excellence in the most time and cost effective way.

Stressing that Reykjafell is constantly on the look out for creative ways to generate innovations in the field, sales manager Ottó E. Guojónsson said his company finds Eldon to be always focused on its core business and being an excellent provider of profession quality products.

“The range of Eldon stainless enclosures perfectly fulfils the needs of our customers and we have not yet found anything that Eldon cannot provide. Eldon’s complete product offer, together with its innovative drive and trustworthy service, make it an excellent partner.”