Eldon’s new floor-standing stainless steel is major hit in South Africa

Eldon’s new floor standing stainless steel line proved a star of the show at South Africa’s largest trade exhibition, Electra Mining Africa, in mid-September 2012.

Exciting new products and technologies are a hallmark of South Africa’s largest trade exhibition Electra Mining Africa, held every second year in Johannesburg. But Eldon’s latest enclosures unveiled on distributor ATI Systems’ stand proved to be unprecedented crowd-drawer.

“The response from visitors at the show to the new Eldon stainless range was excellent with the large majority asking when they could start getting delivery,” said Wim Annandale, managing director of ATI Systems. “Many of the visitors were also wowed by the fact that we choose to showcase our other products such as cabling mounted inside the shiny Eldon enclosures, which was a great ‘this is what it looks like in real life’ draw.”

ATI Systems sales manager Ferdie Kuilder, who organized the company’s stand at Electra Mining Africa, said he was not particularly surprised by the response at the trade show, which attracts over 35,000 visitors with strong buying
power and influence thanks to its broad reach across mining, construction, industrial and power generation industry sectors.

“Eldon always has been highly regarded for its great quality wherever it is sold in Africa and the new floor standing stainless line is just further confirmation of the company’s commitment to sustaining design, durability and functionality quality,” Mr. Kuilder said.

“With its upgraded aesthetics, protection and flexibility, Eldon’s new floor standing stainless steel range is already getting a great reception in the mining market and ATI is stocking the full range.”

ATI Systems ranks South Africa’s leading diversified importer and distributor of high quality products for the process control and power distribution market. Located just 20 minutes drive from Johannesburg in the town of Wadeville, ATI Systems is the biggest stockist of electrical enclosures and accessories in southern Africa,  employing over 40 people in its three divisions, Position feedback (encoders and linear displacement measurement), Power Distribution panels and Drives division (AC, DC and Servo Drives).

ATI Systems has been the sole distributor of Eldon enclosures in South Africa since the mid 1990s, selling across all southern Africa and Mauritius. The company sells to all sectors of the market – general industry, iron and steel, food and beverage, paper and pulp and pharmaceutical.

“Our customers are panel builders, system integrators and electrical industry consultants looking for top quality products at the right price – and that’s why Eldon is our enclosure of choice to stock,” said Wim Annandale.

He says that ATI Systems has never once regretted working with Eldon.  The company has a big take up from customers in aggressive environments for whom quality of enclosure is a prerequisite with some experiencing such tough marine, sub tropical and salt conditions that even stainless steel boxes need to be painted as an extra precaution.

“Eldon’s enclosures just tick all the boxes. Apart from good quality, Eldon has also always been easy to do business with and we have nothing to complain about. In fact, quality has even been improving in recent years. If we’ve had a problem with anything, Eldon fixes it quickly and efficiently. The only thing we’d like to see more of are promotional materials beyond the catalogue, something we could incorporate into our own marketing, such advertising templates to be used in trade magazines.”