Eldon Simplifies Accessories Ordering With New Matrix Brochure

Accessing Eldon’s wide range of accessories has been made easier than ever before with the launch of the new Eldon Matrix Brochure.

Eldon has substantially simplified the ordering process for its comprehensive range of accessories for standard enclosures with the launch of its latest Eldon Accessories Selection Matrix Brochure.

The Accessories Selection Matrix Brochure stretches to 96-pages to provide up-to-date accessories information for Eldon’s versatile Floor Standing enclosures, Wall Mounted enclosures and Terminal boxes. Listing the main accessories available, the brochure also provides representative computer-rendered images and complete selection-matching accessories.

The brochure features clean, reliable data handling charts for users to use when it comes to pairing the main Eldon enclosures with the relevant accessories. The brochure indicates the compatibility at item level, presenting every enclosure dimension with the suitable accessory, having the correct size and characteristics for that specific enclosure.

To access the brochure, please click HERE to be redirected to the Download Center available on the Eldon website. The Accessories Selection Matrix Brochure should be shared with key staff within the organization as well as with customers.

For any further questions about The Accessories Selection Matrix Brochure, please contact us HERE.