Eldon Machine Builders Video

Machine builders around the world rely on enclosure manufacturers and other suppliers to satisfy their own customers and stay profitable. Discover how Eldon’s customers believe Eldon delivers on that demand in a new video.

Eldon, in a new, eye-opening video, explains in detail how the company goes the extra mile to help machine builders and OEM manufacturers not only get the perfect solution, but also save time and reduce their costs, enabling them to focus even more on their own customers. 

Based on real-life cases, the latest Eldon video demonstrates how key information is gathered, processed and swiftly acted upon to ensure each individual customer gets exactly the enclosure solutions they need. 

The video underlines that it is not only the technical specifications that are taken into account by Eldon to ensure total customer satisfaction. Eldon’s OEM customers also get a fair price, rapid and precise deliveries and, often, stock keeping arrangements. 

At the start of most projects, the customer’s requirements are fed into Eldon’s Technical Office, where specific needs are analyzed and developed into a customer specific solution. The solution is normally documented in both 2D drawing and a 3D model. 

Once the customer gives the go-ahead for prototype production, Eldon’s accessories are quality controlled along with customer specific accessories. The finished prototype is then taken to the customer for a final review. And with the final green light, Eldon’s state-of-the-art flexible production set-up, and its skilled workforce, swing smoothly into action. 

Eldon also handles assembly of customer specific accessories for companies such as Siemens, where the assembly cost saving amounts to around 20,500 euros for every 100 enclosures.  In another highlighted case, the video shows how assembly services for different enclosure versions supplied to Bombardier helped the customer save almost 12,800 euros per 100 enclosures.