Eldon CEO overview 2014/2015

Dear Customer, I would like to offer you my warmest thanks for placing your business with us and for the trust you have put in Eldon and our skilled staff during 2014.

 Fredrik WikstromIt has been a very good year for Eldon. In fact, our growth rate in 2014 has been as high as in 2007, the year before the financial crisis. All markets and segments have shown positive growth, which is not only a sign of increasing demand but also that Eldon is on the right track. Thanks to our success in 2014 we can continue to develop our products and services to help you make your business even more successful.

We have launched some new product upgrades and expanded our service offering. Next year we will bring some really exciting products and accessories to the market that will strengthen our overall product portfolio and in many cases make your offering even stronger.

We have also intensified our marketing activities. This is reflected in our presence at two major trade shows in Germany, new catalogues, videos to present our capabilities, products and services, our participation in the social media, and our new website. As an additional service to our customers, we have also included Eldon products in EPLAN Electric P8 to simplify engineering work.

As I said earlier, Eldon will continue to develop in order to take even better care of your needs. In 2015 we will launch a new Spare Parts and Replacement Catalogue and EPLAN Pro Panel with all the Eldon products. To support our panel builder customers, new Power Distribution software will be launched that will assist with design and procurement for such projects.

In response to the need for rapid modification of off-the-shelf products, we have started to set up Service Centers at our warehouses throughout Europe. One benefit is that lead times can be reduced to just a couple of days for smaller batches of products requiring some modification.

I am also really proud of our success with projects requiring customized solutions and with the increasing demand for our assembly services – we offer pre-mounting of Eldon accessories and customer-specific accessories at our main production facility. This reduces costs and saves time for customers requiring such services.

We will continue to develop our customization offering in order to supply increasingly flexible solutions. One example is the addition of more design engineers to ensure that smooth and optimum solutions can be created quickly. Another example is that the lead times for our standard special products have been reduced by one week this year and during 2015 we will reduce it by two weeks. 

I see positive growth next year too, partly because of our expanded offering and service orientation. But also thanks to the growing need for automation, which is the result of increasing energy consumption and the need for lower costs and reduced emissions. The overall economy is fragile, and there are uncertainties in many regions, but I believe Eldon will cope with this.

Most importantly, we never forget that without you and our other valued customers, Eldon would not exist. I hope to see you return as our customer next year and I wish you and your family a truly relaxing holiday!

Yours sincerely,

Fredrik Wikström
President and CEO Eldon Group