18 Aug 2012

Save time with the Eldon EPLAN library solution

Eldon is leveraging all its global knowhow of enclosure solutions to help electrical engineers save time and boost efficiency by giving them the unique opportunity to import Eldon’s vast drawing and related articles library into their EPLAN software package.

EPLAN helps electrical control design engineers increase quality, reduce cost and bring products to market faster. A key business driver, EPLAN is innovative and user friendly eliminating the repetitious, tedious and unproductive manual work associated with traditional drafting activities.

EPLAN is a software program that creates comprehensive electrical controls system designs. And because it has full interoperability capabilities you can leverage your work in other disciplines such as manufacturing, panel buildings, equipment building and more.

Any machine builder or OEM investing in an Eldon enclosure can harness Eldon’s EPLAN Library to save 75% of the valuable time spent creating a traditional drawing, encompassing wire numbering, device naming, cross referencing, checking for errors and creating bills of materials and wire lists. 

Eldon is giving all its customers complete access on its website to a full Eldon EPLAN-ready library, which will bring them considerable engineering and project planning time savings.

The Eldon Library EPLAN tool allows existing and new customers to make electrical control designs for industrial and building projects. The big benefit of the EPLAN Library is that customers will no longer need to convert drawings from our website into EPLAN formats, which was earlier seen as a barrier.

The Eldon EPLAN library contains two sets of data, drawings called ‘Typicals’
(*.ema) and Article Data (*.xml). Eldon’s customers can access all relevant products in one single ZIP-file on the Eldon web or alternatively download the same information for each specific product via eCatalogue.

Not only does each EPLAN Typical drawing contain different views, such as the body of an enclosure, mounting plate or door, but also provides product information, including MultiFlex, Filter Fans and Air Conditioners. Available in various languages, the Eldon EPLAN library contains all values that are relevant for enclosures such as mounting surface, certification references, web-deeplink code, dimensions and more.

Nothing could be easier than using the Eldon EPLAN library, which is suitable for EPLAN Electric P8 version 2.0. All a customer need do to quickly learn how to download and import the Eldon Library into EPLAN is read through the easy-to-follow, straightforward instructions in the Eldon EPLAN manual or watch a short video on YouTube.

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