Eldon helps to ensure the fruit on your table looks and tastes great

The fruit on our tables is normally transported long distances. Holland’s VDH Products BV relies on Eldon enclosures to protect its sensitive electronic components that help make sure fruits, like a banana, taste as good as they look despite traveling thousands of kilometers.

VDH logo

For over 30 years, Dutch company 
VDH Products BV has been at the forefront of developing mechanical and electronic instruments for measuring temperature, pressure and relative humidity, serving clients throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. And for three decades the company has partnered with Eldon to ensure its electronic circuits and systems are fully protected.

VDH Products is today widely ranked an acknowledged leader in providing rail, panel and wall mounted instrumentation for use across a spectrum of industries, including cooling and climate control, fruit ripening and storage, process technology, manufacturing machinery and heating and ventilation.

Due to the high reliability, safety and hygiene demands placed on its products,
VDH Products places exacting demands on its suppliers to meet its own ‘no substitute for excellence’ commitment. Eldon has been delivering on that expectation for sustained flexibility, prompt delivery terms and strong experience for the past three decades since first being chosen as a preferred supplier by the Dutch company.

‘Eldon and VDH products BV are two companies that share the same commitment: satisfy the customer’s needs. Over the years we had a lot of interesting projects together and, no matter how big and complex they were, we managed to turn them into highly efficient tools for our end-customers. When working with real professionals and experts in the field, things are getting easier and better’ said Olaf Schilte, Eldon Account Manager.

That trust and deep-rooted partnership was harnessed by VHD Products when it embraced Eldon’s long enclosure expertise to develop its latest state-of-the-art product offering – the PROBA 4 ‘intelligent’ regulator that monitors and regulates the entire ripening process from the moment a fruit arrives in a warehouse from point of origin.

The PROBA 4 ensures that the supplier is able to regulate the overall banana ripening process in his warehouse – a meticulous process that involves regulating temperature, gas concentration, humidity, ventilation and pressure. Its flexible interface enables it to control even more ripening chambers while managing over 100 regulators by being connected by Ethernet.

Terminal box

The PROBA 4 is mounted in the central switch box or near the door of the ripening chamber in an Eldon STB terminal box (STB 200x300x120).

Eldon prides itself on ensuring that its enclosures are tested by independent laboratories and hold a broad range of certifications to help its customers in turn meet the fullest range of national and international demands. The new PROBA 4 has been tested by TÜV Rheinland (Germany) and fully meets their strict requirements.

The flexibility of the tried-and-proven Eldon terminal boxes was a key benefit for VDH Products. The enclosures can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions to double the number of standard sizes available, thanks to smart design that allows the profiles to fix the DIN rails to be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Reflecting its own commitment to meeting the individual needs of customers, Eldon also went the extra mile for VDH Products with a customized solution to provide extra hinges for the PROBA 4.

Not only do the fixation studs make the mounting plate easier to mount, but also the need for extra profiles is eliminated, which increases the useful depth and reduces the cost of the terminal box. Eldon’s terminal enclosures use the same earthing facilities as every other model in its enclosure range, which simplifies assembly and provides a safe connection between the bodies because customers can use the same earthing cables.

Ripening is normally the final stage in fruit maturation and involves the fruit changing color, flavor, texture and aroma. For example, most bananas are picked when they are three-quarters mature and still green in order for them to survive the transit time from source to the market.