Eldon enclosures involved in the Dutch Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) with Hellebrekers

Gain an insight into the production process at production line level with the Eldon industrial enclosure solution.

The Dutch manufacturing industry is currently involved in a battle to maintain and strengthen its competitive position in relation to its international competitors. Innovations such as the further automation of production processes, the digitalization of production data and the introduction of robots are all part of an irreversible process known as Smart Industry or Industry 4.0.

Hellebrekers Industrial Automation

The Industrial Automation department is part of Hellebrekers Technieken B.V. They earned their reputation in the design and implementation of solutions in industrial process automation. The key areas of expertise include the engineering of PLC control systems, SCADA visualization systems and climate control systems. Their services also include the design, construction and on-site wiring of industrial switchboards that comply with the latest standards. All the years of experience in industrial process automation have contributed to the development of a modular, license-free MES software package known as Visual Link.

Eldon & Hellebrekers Total OEE Solution

The industrial enclosure solutions from Eldon make an important contribution to the application offered by Hellebrekers in the area of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) — an application that is included in the Visual Analytics software module. The input to gain a reliable OEE figure comes from sensors installed at critical points along the production line. These sensors are linked to a PLC that, with several other components, is installed in an MPGS-series enclosure from Eldon. 

For example, the measurements for the number of hits, the waste emissions and the output are performed in-line and are linked one-to-one. A direct link between the PLC for the production line and the PLC installed in the enclosure from Eldon ensures that faults causing downtime can be read out and investigated. The enclosure from Eldon is positioned in such a way that an operator on the production line can allocate and assign faults directly using an integrated 19" touchscreen PC. This is the only way to ensure that the calculated OEE figure remains up-to-date, allowing production planning to be linked to the actual production figures. By responding to frequently occurring faults before they occur, preventive maintenance can be performed to avoid prolonged downtime.  

Smart Industry is Smart Software is Visual Link

Visual Link acts as a transparent layer that links your office environment flawlessly with your production environment, allowing you to streamline your production processes and record vast quantities of production data for extensive analysis. The software allows you to gain a better understanding of the capacity of your production equipment, reduces unnecessary costs due to faults and maintenance, and systematically reduces your overall production costs. The package includes three standard modules: Visual Control, Visual
Performance and Visual Analytics. Although these are interconnected, they can be implemented as part of a phased rollout.

“Eldon is flexible, they can provide hole pattern making in a few days in the Express Customization Center and will always give the right technical advice for a good total technical result.” said Jan Willem Jonker, Hellebrekers Industry Manager. 

“Both companies have a long history of working together and this leads to our good understanding of the client’s needs and a quick response to a complete solution from us.” Olaf Schilte, Eldon Account Manager.

For further info on the Overall Equipment Efficiency application, please contact Hellebrekers Technieken B.V.