Eldon delivers customized, preassembled enclosure solutions to Nijhuis Industries

Since early 2016 Eldon has been supplying electrical enclosures to the Dutch company Nijhuis Industries . Eldon delivers the units customized and preassembled, which means considerable savings for Nijhuis in time and labor costs.

Part of the Nijhuis Industries group, Nijhuis Water Technology is based in Doetinchem in the Netherlands and delivers in-house systems, solutions and services for sustainable water use and resource recovery, as a response towards a circular economy in today’s ‘fluid’ world. 

Nijhuis enclosures


Nijhuis sit

Looking for a total solution supplier

Electrical control cabinets play an important role in Nijhuis’ operations. They are required for (waste)water treatment solutions, ozone plants for cooling towers, biogas plants, and other applications.

Nijhuis was looking for a supplier with a wide product range and the capability to handle pre-delivery customization and assembly of the electrical enclosures. The customization involves hole making, mounting of lift handle locks, ventilation, combining enclosures, installing lights, eye bolts, etc.

Eldon chosen as a partner

After intensive discussions between Nijhuis Supply Chain Manager Hans Sueters, Nijhuis Head of Panel building Gerhard Wikkerink, and Eldon Account Manager Olaf Schilte, it was agreed that Eldon would become Nijhuis’ business partner for electrical enclosures. The choice was based on Eldon’s extensive range of user-friendly wall and floor standing enclosures and competitive prices.

Nijhuis enclosures

Another important factor was Eldon’s capability to customize and preassemble the enclosures before delivery. This saves time and costs for Nijhuis and eliminates the need for them to hold any stock. The agreement was reached in early 2016 and since then Eldon has assembled and delivered a large number of customized Mild Steel Combinable (MCS) enclosures to Nijhuis.

Eldon Express Customization and Assembly services

Eldon Account Manager Olaf Schilte: “We offer Express Customization at our Service Centers at Eldon warehouses throughout Europe. This means that hole making and cut-outs on standard enclosures can be done locally with short lead times. Our Assembly Service helps customers reduce their costs by taking over some of the labor-intensive assembly work.”