Eldon helps ensure meat, fish and vegetables are securely packed

Eldon wall mounted enclosures ticked all the boxes for Dutch weighing - and packaging company Manter International BV when they looked for a single one-stop enclosure supplier they could trust to deliver high quality at competitive prices.

Eldon’s quality and competitive pricing approach proved a key differentiator for the top Dutch weighing and packaging machine supplier Manter International BV when it decided to partner with a single electrical enclosure supplier rather than several different firms. Today the switchover is now near complete with Manter mostly using Eldon wall-mounted stainless steel, mild steel or EMC enclosures.
The challenge

Transporting meat, fish, vegetables and fruit that stays securely fresh to buy and eat, demands meticulous weighing and packaging solutions. For a global weighing and packaging machine supplier, such as Holland’s Manter International BV, excellence is not an option when it comes to winning and sustaining the trust of processed food and feed manufacturers and their demand for reliable, durable and low maintenance machinery.

Manter enclosures

Manter develops and assembles all the machines it makes at its factory in Emmen, in northeastern Netherlands. The one location approach helps result in complete, qualitative line of machinery that connects perfectly and functions efficiently as one homogeneous entity.
Manter says that working from one location also ensures more opportunities to provide its international customers flexible, personal solutions, which helps create a solid platform for strong service. Proof that the approach works lays in the fact that since its foundation, over 20 years ago, Manter has become a respected player on the international market.
Enclosures play a key role in ensuring weighing and packaging equipment functions without breakdown in the demanding and highly competitive food processing industry. So when Manter decided it wanted to work with a single electrical enclosure maker rather than several as it was doing, the challenge was to find one that could deliver standard products with the right quality at the right price – and Eldon proved to be the answer.
The Eldon solutions for Manter

Eldon’s comprehensive range of user-friendly wall mounted stainless steel ASR, mild steel MAS enclosures and MASE EMC enclosures offered unmatched dimension flexibility. In addition, Manter appreciated Eldon's commitment to go the extra mile in delivering sustained quality and competitive pricing, which helped Manter deliver in turn on its commitments to its own clients around the world.

Thanks to Eldon’s ‘can do’ spirit, quality and competitive pricing, Eldon enclosures today rank the preferred choice for Manter International BV.