Eldon is becoming nVent HOFFMAN

Eldon and nVent HOFFMAN's combined strengths lie in a global manufacturing footprint and a high-quality, competitive range of both IEC and NEMA electrical enclosures.

Jointly, we have impressive resources in terms of R&D and digitalisation initiatives, enabling us to develop an even wider solutions portfolio worldwide. Our strategy focuses on scaling the company's capability, investing in digital transformation, and intensifying our market-back, customer-centric approach. Your success is our business.

We’re seizing opportunities tied to key industry segments and geographic expansion, and we’re driving productivity and velocity, all to ensure that we provide a truly outstanding service worldwide.

Since you, our valued customer, are our most valuable resource, we want you to be fully aware that it’s business as usual. In time, the name and the logo will be different, but you have access to the same people, the same support and the same products in a broader, rapidly developing solutions portfolio – locally and globally.

In the following section you will find some questions and answers that the Eldon and nVent management team believe will be of interest to you.

What does the acquisition mean?

The new organization will be positioned to quickly respond to customers around the world, providing advanced and flexible enclosure solutions. Our local and global customers can expect us to continue focusing on the creation of innovative enclosure solutions to meet your evolving needs.

What changes are you making in the products you offer?

At this time, no changes are planned in our product offering. Here are some details about the combined portfolio:

  • We will continue to offer the complete line of Eldon IEC products.
  • The nVent IEC range will continue as well, though over time, we may make some changes. In that event, a thoughtful transition plan will be developed and shared with the limited number of customers who may be affected.
  • We will continue to offer the nVent NEMA-rated enclosures and cooling products as well as modification machines, also known as Steinhauer, supporting automated modifications, personal wiring assistants, and cutting machines.

What else should I expect?

Customers will benefit from the company’s combined research and development and digitalization efforts. This means we will bring new products to market faster and offer our customers smoother and more rapid interaction through new digital tools, such as easy-to-use product configurators.

Where will you manufacture going forward?

The Eldon factory in Brasov, Romania, will continue to operate as today and produce the full range of our IEC enclosures. Sourcing to our warehouses throughout Europe will continue as today. Our continuous development work for cost efficient production and short delivery times will also continue with full force.

What will happen to the Eldon European warehouse ERP system?

Eldon’s warehouses throughout Europe will continue to offer the same service levels that you are used to getting from Eldon. The Eldon ERP system will remain in place for the foreseeable future. nVent and Eldon will continue maintaining excellent product availability and delivery precision in the future.

Is my sales agreement still valid?

We want to ensure a seamless transition for all customers. This means that sales agreements and pricing will remain intact to the greatest extent possible. At this time, Eldon’s legal entities will remain with the same company registration numbers. Over time, some parts of current sales agreements may change.

Will my contact or sales support change?

Our Customer Service organization will continue to service you from current locations. Your contacts for customer service and field sales will not change in the near future, but there may be locations where minor changes will be made to improve service levels between Eldon and nVent sales staff over time.
If there are changes, we will contact you well in advance to share the details.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with your regular contact. As Eldon and nVent become one organization, our goal is to demonstrate to you that we are bringing together the best of both worlds. All Eldon and nVent employees remain fully committed to bringing customers the same strong customer service and high-quality products as always.