To get the automated edge, global leader Diosna selects the PWA 6000 wire processing centre from nVent HOFFMAN

DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne GmbH is a leading global provider and equipment manufacturer of specialized machines for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Understanding their customers are under pressure to get these important products to market faster, the Diosna panel building team sought a way to cut the time being spent manually assembling cable without compromising quality.

After comparing panel shop automation equipment options, they selected the PWA 6000 wire processing centre from nVent HOFFMAN. The machine significantly simplifies and accelerates the prefabrication of wires, reducing processing time by up to 75%.

“With its high degree of automation, compact design and reliability, the PWA 6000 was the only wire processing centre currently on market capable of meeting our technical requirements,” said Torsten Raberg, head of electrical workshop for Diosna.

Increases Panel Shop Productivity

Because the PWA 6000 fully automates the cutting to length, stripping, crimping, marking and bundling of wires, it improves the team’s productivity, while ensuring consistent and precise quality. The fully automated process of prefabrication wires optimizes the panel wiring process and reduces costs.

The machine also improves employee use of time, because employees are doing the sophisticated work they trained to do, rather than the tedious manual cable processing. At the same time, the wiring quality is improved because the frequency of wiring errors is significantly reduced when prepared wire sets are used.

Conveniently, projects can be seamlessly generated and processed directly on the machine software, using .CSV or .XLS files. To produce the wires, the panel builders use the Personal Wiring Suite, an intuitive programming system. The accessory provides the source and target plus routing in the panel on a screen to visualize the panel wiring.

How the PWA 6000 works

The PWA machine has an internal, automated wire feeding mechanism with 12 spools for different wires. To reduce switching times, the Diosna team uses the external accessory to store additional wires and feed the machine.

The machine places the ferrules on both sides and marks the wires. The wire marking system directly prints on the wire in blue ink to mark the source and target identification on each end of the wire. The machine uses an electropneumatic stripper and crimping with a five-way magazine for processing insulated wire. The crimping length can be adjusted to 8 mm or 10 mm.

The finished wires, which include ferrules on both ends without manual intervention, are placed on adhesive tapes in a predefined order to optimize order picking.

Doing more business, faster

“The PWA 6000 has helped us save considerable time, while improving our cable processing and better allocating our resources,” said Torsten. “We are very pleased with how well it works for us – and how much faster we can produce the machines our customers need.”

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