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Phasing out non-LED products

Eldon has decided to replace all lights without LED-technology with LED-lights. 

The Eldon light portfolio comprises a wide range of light products making it possible to meet individual requirements for most applications. 

The decision to replace the non-LED products will not only provide new LED products from Eldon. Eldon also took the opportunity to develop a LED-light that is not only designed to meet visual aspects, but also to make it the first light that is designed to be mounted in the 25 mm profile system that Eldon enclosures are equipped with.

Phasing out the old ranges will not change the possibility to meet customer requirements. On the contrary, the new enclosure light range offers even more:

  • Higher brightness levels;
  • Quick, tool-free assembly, thanks to the new quick fixation system;
  • Global use is possible thanks to the multi voltage range: 120-240V (AC) and 24V (DC);
  • Easy through wiring and doors switch connection.

For further details of the extended enclosure light range please refer to the Section 3 on this landing page.










Output (lumen)    1200  1200  1200  900  900  1200  1200
Motion sensor    x  -  x  -  -  x  -
Socket    x  x  -  x  -  -  -
Rated operation voltage 100-240V AC  x  x  x  x  x  -  -
24V DC            x  x
Installation type Quick fixation  x  x  x  x  x  x  x
Screw fixation (accessory)  x  x  x  x  x  x  x
Magnetic attachment (accessory)  x  x  x  x  x  x  x
Connection options Infeed  3-pole  3-pole  3-pole  3-pole  3-pole  2-pole  2-pole
Through Wiring  3-pole  3-pole  3-pole  3-pole  3-pole  2-pole  2-pole
Door-operated switch    x    x  x    x

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When and how will the new range be launched?

The new enclosure lights will become effective as outlined in the table below:

Markets Order date
All markets                   November 15, 2019

The out phased light models will be available until Eldon runs out of stock.   

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What will the new Enclosure light offer?


Eldon’s ambition is to offer products and accessories that are easy to work with, both in industrial and residential applications. This ambition is reflected in what is offered with the new range of enclosure lights.




Quick fixation

With the integrated quick fixation and the feature that it can be fitted anywhere in the Eldon 25mm hole pattern without any machining makes this light easy to install which reduces assembly time.




Plug and Play

All the connections to the LED light are designed to reduce connection time. The infeed, through wiring and door switch connections are all based on a plug and play system.




Suitable for global use

The LED light can be used globally thanks to the multi voltage feature 100-240V (AC) 50/60Hz. Models for 24V (DC) are also available.




Wide range of versions

The new LED lights are available in many versions. Versions with the integrated motion detector eliminate the need for installing an external door switch. Versions with an integrated socket allow for connecting electrical devices whenever needed for maintenance. Many different lumens are available.

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What is the implication of the change 


With the new lights in the market, Eldon’s old lights will no longer be available. 

This product change may affect customers in different ways depending on whether they fall into any of the groups below. 

Machine Builders

The new lights have new item numbers and dimensions. The implication for machine builders is that they need to change the item-codes and the drawings in their systems. Eldon will support the change with updated 3D-models and assist on any other issues that may arise.

Distributors and Wholesalers 

Since products in the new range have different Item numbers there is no risk for mixing orders. Therefore, you can start buying the new light when available and clear out the stock of old lights.

Panel Builders

Most panel builders work on a non-repetitive project basis and can most likely easily calculate and engineer with the new extended enclosure light range, also for customers such as system integrators. Eldon’s Sales Representatives are always ready to assist if required. 

Customers with customer specific enclosures including lights

Eldon can only supply the old light as long as existing stocks last. Therefore, Eldon will ensure that old lights are replaced with new equivalent lights.

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Which lights are affected?


The new upgraded light portfolio is more advanced and is not 100% equal to the old Eldon light portfolio. The table lists comparable alternatives, with existing lights that will be phased out and the comparable replacement.


New Item replacing

LTLN1425 EL900DS
LTLN1426 EL900DS
LTLN1825 EL1200DS
LTLN1826 EL1200DS

Non-affected lights                  


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How are the accessories affected?


The change of the light portfolio also means that Eldon will change accessories for lights. 

To find the new correct cable for the upgraded portfolio, please see the accessories for the new light on Eldon’s webpages.

The table below lists accessories to be phased out:


 New item replacing


LTLNC14    Not needed for the new light
LTLNC18    Not needed for the new light
LDSW01  ELD0801E  
CLF3005  ELC3005PB  See website for more models
CLFO3005  ELC3005PO  See website for more models
LTP1000  ELC1005TB  
LTP600  ELC1005TB  
LTPO1000  ELC1005TO  
COF05    Not needed for the new light
COM05    Not needed for the new light
DSWC1005         ELC3001DE  

Non affected accessories                                                             


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When will the new lights be available?


The new lights will be in stock as of 15 November 2019.

How long will phased-out lights be available from Eldon?


The phased-out lights will be available as long as Eldon have them in stock.  

Will the prices go up?


No, since more efficient handling, better visual appearance and improved functionality result in a better product. 

Can I use the current accessories for the new lights?


No, that is not possible. The new light has a different design and connection technology.

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Who can I contact for more information

Do not hesitate to contact the nearest Eldon Sales Representative, should you have any questions or comments in regard to the new enclosure light portfolio. 

Thank you for your continued support! 

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Eldon Lighting System

1. Connection cable for infeed (includes connector 5);
2. Connection cable for through-wiring /infeed (includes connectors 5 and 6);
3. Door-operated switch;
4. Connection cable for door-operated switch;
5. Connector for infeed;
6. Connector for through-wiring.







 1  ELCxxxxPx  CLF L  a)  a)  a)
 2  ELCxxxxTx  LTP L  a)  -  -
 3  ELD0801x ADSW DSW          ADSW/DSW              ADSW/DSW          TLCS               TLCS           
 4  ELC3001Dx  c)  c)  b)  b)
 5  a)  COF L  a)  a)  a)
 6  a)  COM L  a)  -  -

a) The light is delivered with this part;
b) A connection cable is included in the delivery of the door-operated switch;
c) The light does not include a dedicated socket for connection of a connection cable for a door operated switch: The assembler must connect the door switch in-between the main leads.