Ridgway chose to rely on nVent for its broad nVent HOFFMAN brand portfolio, customization services and fast delivery


A leading manufacturer of precision taping and winding machines, Ridgway Machines LTD is widely sought for manufacturing electrical coils, cable and conductors. They also manufacture Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) and Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) for applications in notoriously demanding industries, such as energy, electrical and Oil & Gas. For a recent Oil & Gas project, Ridgway planned to configure eight machines in a line to apply layers of reinforcing tape onto plastic liners as the pipes flowed through.

Ridgway needed a variety of high-quality protection solutions, including tailored ones, to house the end user’s electrical and software systems, as well as display monitors. They also needed to ensure the solutions would be delivered on time. Ridgway chose to rely on nVent for its broad nVent HOFFMAN brand portfolio, customization services and fast delivery.


To begin, using the user-friendly nVent HOFFMAN online selection tool, Ridgway selected 14 standard mild steel compact floor standing enclosures with a protection rating of IP55 for the control panels. These enclosures prevent water and dust from entering the enclosure, which helps mitigate the risk for component failure. They also chose 18 off-the-shelf mild steel compact consoles to protect the HMI equipment. The ergonomic design of the consoles allows for easy installation and access to the HMI equipment.

nVent HOFFMAN products included:
14 standard mild steel compact floor standing enclosures (MKS18084R5, IP55) 18 standard mild steel compact consoles (MPG12R5, IP55/56) 24 express customized mild steel wall mounted enclosures (MAS0806040R5, IP66) 40 advanced customized mild steel single door wall mounted enclosures (MAS0806040R5)

“The consoles are a crucial element in the overall project,” said Andy Glanville, managing director, Ridgway. “The high standard they are built to ensures all the elements are protected and safe in what can be harsh working environments. They look good, are reliable and have proven to be a success with the end user.”

In addition, Ridgway took advantage of the nVent HOFFMAN Express Customization services. Using the online product configurator tool, they created and supplied drawings to nVent for the cut-outs needed on 24 mild steel wall mounted enclosures. Designed for maximum speed and efficiency, products with Express Customization service generally ship within 10 working days once drawings are approved. Ridgway also gained the benefit of the nVent HOFFMAN Advanced Customization services to create special fittings for 40 mild steel, single-door wall mounted enclosures.

“Ridgway Machines would certainly choose to work with nVent again,” said Steve Buzzard, Senior buyer for Ridgway. “Everything from quotation, purchasing, manufacture of consoles, and after sales customer service has been very professional, straightforward and of a high standard.”


The project was completed to specification, within budget and on time.

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