Nine decades of experience

Sweden is one of the world’s most innovative countries with a knack for creative thinking that spawned the zipper, safety matches, dynamite and drinks cartons. Eldon’s own heritage reflects a similar commitment to innovation and harnessing technology.

Eldon started in Sweden in 1922, founded to build and sell electrical installation equipment by a young married couple, Karin and Josef Johansson (later changed to Randholm). ‘Eldon’ literally means ‘devices for electricity’ in Swedish, a highly appropriate name for a company manufacturing enclosures to protect sensitive electrical, electronic and data & telecoms components. 

A strong phase of expansion in the 1960s saw Eldon commence its internationalisation, opening wholly-owned factories in Romania and India. Since the start of the new millennium, Eldon has pursued ambitious modernisation, investing in new technology and automating production.

In addition, Eldon has entered many new markets with its own sales teams and with new partners, giving Eldon a truly global coverage.

A new state-of-the-art enclosure manufacturing plant in Romania, opened in 2007, brings together the very latest production technologies, total quality management thinking and logistics processes.

Making life easier
Our organisation has been restructured too with the introduction of a new ‘Functional Management’ system designed to speed decision making and slash bureaucracy, all with the aim of ensuring we truly make life easier for you as a customer.

 Eldon's roots go back to 1922.

Old fuse box.

Eldon has been around...