You want, we deliver – on your terms, at the right price

Eldon provides enclosures and acessories to a variety of systems integrators.

We give you a wide range of high-quality, standard-dimensioned enclosures with multiple matching accessories. You can also count on our delivery precision and make-life-easy design, technical and back-office support.

At Eldon we will always go the extra mile to solve all your enclosure needs and problems at the best possible price. Everything we do is about making your business life easier, more efficient and more profitable by serving you as a single-source, best-of-breed enclosure and accessory solutions provider.

We achieve that aim by offering you a broad range of quality enclosures in many standard dimensions that will speed your industrial control project process from conception through final commissioning of a line at a facility.

Easing your design through manufacturing processes
With a common product platform suitable for differing environments, we ease your detail design, engineering and manufacturing processes across all imaginable application areas, including the automotive, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

Eldon’s goal is to deliver you added value beyond the quality of our enclosures with extraordinary back-office support and innovative approaches to improve your efficiency, assembly time, and reduce costs.

Our design and CAD software with drawings in 2D/3D, and drawings for EPLAN, ease your path to finding and selecting the right enclosure solution to achieve your project objectives faster.

Eldon’s ‘Thermal Management Tool’ helps you collate enclosure size and local environmental conditions and choose the most suitable temperature/humidity modulating and measuring devices such as air conditioners, heat exchangers or thermostats, for example. 

Extraordinary customer focus and care
You can also harness the broad expertise of Eldon’s industrial market engineers (IME’s), who act as a make-life-easier interface between you and our technical office to ensure you get the right enclosure for each specific project.

Working with us at Eldon means you can count on extraordinary customer care. Each and every-one of us has the right personality, attitude and dedication to look after you in a responsible and professional way and ensure your enclosures will be built to the best standards of the industry and delivered on time as required.


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