A shared partner network commitment for increased added value

Outstanding knowledge and service are the hallmarks of Eldon’s wide global network of authorized distributors, who share our commitment to deliver exceptional value to customers investing in our enclosure and accessory solutions.

Eldon’s distributors play a key role in sharpening the competitive edge of our customers and making their business life easier and more efficient by ensuring our broad portfolio of enclosure and accessory solutions can be easily obtained whenever and wherever needed. 

Our distributors bring added value to Eldon’s customers by offering single-source responsibility and accountability and as our rock-solid partners they share Eldon’s commitment to be thinkers, problem solvers and solution providers. 

Eldon distributors provide a hands-on local presence at strategically sited locations. They work as a primary contact on a day-to-day basis to ensure our customer needs and expectations are met on a daily basis by providing prompt, accurate and reliable service and product support to Eldon customers. 

We know customer satisfaction is only as deliverable as the knowledge of the people involved. That is why we deliver comprehensive hands-on training support and other product specific expertise to all our distributors so they can help you implement your projects efficiently to achieve cost savings and a competitive edge.  

We work closely with all our distributors to ensure they can deliver world-class local support, solve problems and provide solutions beyond supplying our enclosure hardware – all designed to help you meet your objectives.    

We know knowledge is what makes the difference between a good distributor and great distributor. We also aware that time is precious in the selling environment. That’s why we invest in finding smart ways to help our distributors train their people about Eldon’s wide range of enclosures and accessories without disrupting day-to-day jobs. 

Consistent and easy access to our enclosure, accessory and service products is our goal at Eldon.  That is why we continuously invest in providing our distributors extensive and qualified product knowledge and industrial knowhow to help them help our customers meet the unique challenges facing them whatever the application. 

Eldon’s web-based training tools empower our distributors by boosting their understanding of customer needs and the way our enclosures and accessories solve them. We also provide instructional videos and other product-specific content that encourages sales staff at distributor organizations to learn anytime, anywhere without the disruption of traditional training.