Reliable, cost effective electrical enclosures

Eldon electrical enclosures are commonly used by panel builders world wide.

We help you succeed and grow your panel building business with efficient electrical enclosure and accessory solutions that make it easy for you to mount components inside. And because we understand your key role in the supply chain, we focus 100% on giving you on-time delivery.

We care about every little detail that makes it easier for you to use our electrical equipment enclosures. That’s why we not only supply enclosures with quick access side panels, easy to remove doors and an extensive range of mounting accessories, but also make it as easy to find and order the solution you need.

From motor control centres to LV distribution panels, our enclosure solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industry applications to give our customers a competitive advantage.

Going the extra mile for you
Whatever your panel building requirements, you’ll find we’ll give you the right price, right quality solution – and go the extra mile to deliver value with unmatched responsiveness to delivering on your needs.

The ease of use design, proven reliability and on-demand availability of our enclosure solutions let you turn around your projects in record time, regardless of application.  Building on 90 years of enclosures knowledge, our full range of design tools and interchangeable accessories deliver scalable solutions and consistent quality, assured delivery and responsive sales and support service.

Relentless in serving your needs
Because your success matters, we relentlessly serve your needs with quality, solutions and a price commitment geared to help you build your panels cost-efficiently, leveraging our zero-hassle, reliable and flexible ordering process.

Everything we do is designed to speed your time to market and cut labour costs, from designing our enclosures to make interior equipment mounting easier to making the order process as simple and straightforward as possible. We also facilitate your lead times by ensuring you can totally rely on our customer support and delivery of stock directly from Eldon or from one of our distributors.

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