Brainstorming electrical cabinets recommendations

Eldon electrical cabinets are specified by a growing number of engineering firms.

Engineering management and technical consultants globally rely on Eldon’s technically excellent standard electrical cabinets to help them deliver on their project ambitions across multiple sectors worldwide.

Leveraging Eldon’s focus on delivering excellent enclosure solutions in a dependable, easy-to-do-business- with way, engineering consultants know we consistently deliver value through our approach to identify, define and deliver effective enclosure solutions.

Our intricate knowledge of the enclosures industry built up over 90 years helps set us apart as a partner for consultants seeking to draw on every talent to deliver cost-effective projects.

Serving your needs as true teammates
We believe we are defined by our openness to exploring and finding outstanding standard enclosure and accessory solutions as true teammates in supporting innovative design and building projects.

Whether your project is about developing city infrastructure or a building, a factory or a railway station, all of us at Eldon stand ready to add value to the project with our cost efficient, high quality and adaptable enclosures whatever the scale. 

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