Product Innovations

  • 2018/08/21

    Upgraded operator interface control enclosure now in the market

    Eldon’s mild steel operator interface control enclosure, OICE, has proven very popular. To continue to meet and exceed customer expectations, Eldon has now launched an upgraded version that is easier to handle, accommodates heavy loads better, and allows for easy assembly of accessories, such as mounting profiles and DIN rails.

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  • 2018/07/12

    IP 66 rated floor standing combinable enclosures now available

    A new IP 66 rated floor standing combinable range in mild steel and stainless steel is now included in Eldon’s extensive floor standing programme.

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  • 2018/04/23

    Precise and tight door closing with the new door wheel DW02

    Eldon now offers a new door wheel for wall mounted enclosures that guarantees smooth and reliable door closing even when the enclosure is mounted on an uneven surface or when the door is heavily loaded with equipment.

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  • 2018/05/04

    Introducing the stainless-steel mounting bracket, AWS41-304

    A new stainless-steel mounting bracket, AWS41-304, has now replaced AWS41 that was chrome zinc plated. The new bracket has greater resistance to rust and perfect material compatibility with stainless steel 304 enclosures and terminal boxes.

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  • 2018/04/17

    New filler plate for bayed enclosures

    A new mounting filler plate, MPF, is now available for combinable floor standing enclosures. The filler plate seamlessly bridges the gap between two mounting plates in two adjacent combinable enclosures, increasing the even mounting surface available.

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  • 2018/01/22

    Extended MKS and MKD ranges

    Easy engineering and assembly are two of Eldon’s central development drivers. One recent example is the further development of the successful mild steel single and double door compact floor standing ranges, MKS and MKD.

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  • 2018/01/18

    Fast assembly with new mounting profiles, CLPF

    Eldon is introducing a new mounting profile for its floor standing enclosure range. The need for tools is eliminated and the assembly time is reduced thanks to snap-line fastening, and two hooks that form part of the profile body to make it easy to place the profile in the desired position.

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