Eldon Express Customization Service, now even more user friendly

As part of its popular Express Customization Service Eldon now offers 100% compatible drawings for Express Customization products, as well as a new toolkit that helps customers define the machining operations.

The improvements are based both on feedback received from the market and from Eldon personnel involved in the customization process. 

The main objectives were to ensure that it is possible to define any customer requirement using drawings and tools available on Eldon’s website. Also that Eldon technical personnel should have access to a correct drawing from the beginning of the process. 

New default toolkit 
The new toolkit includes defined symbols for most common machining operations. It is now available on the Express Customization web page along with a detailed manual for AutoCAD for use by customers and by Eldon technical personnel.

Updated drawings 
Drawings have been updated in order to help customers define their exact requirements. The new drawings consist of two different tabs.

a.  Model tab which shows the current drawing available on Eldon’s site.


b. Express Customization tab which shows all machinable views from outside. Any elements which may interfere with the process, such as gaskets, welded studs, etc., are shown by dotted lines



Important to note

Not all the drawings have an Express Customization tab, since some products are effectively defined with just the Model tab, for instance, MP1206.

From now on, we kindly ask our Express Customization customers to use the new drawings and toolkit from Eldon’s website Express Customization web page.