Eldon Enclosures Installed by SDM at the Spa Francorchamps Circuit

In the spring, the SDM-Group, a Belgian company with worldwide expertise, handled the complete automation of the project at Spa Francorchamps and used Eldon enclosures for bringing to life this impressive project.


SDM's core business covers everything from designing the diagrams, developing the plans and software and assembling the enclosures, right through to testing the installations on site. The enclosures of choice for this Formula 1 circuit were Eldon.

Half of SDM-Group's projects are located in Africa, where large companies prefer to generate their own power. However, power supply issues are also becoming an increasing concern in Belgium, and more and more companies are seeking solutions to safeguard against the possibility of power shortages. The SDM-Group therefore provides complete solutions for automated power generation.

"In many sectors, interruptions in the network can put business-critical processes at risk. For example, hospitals, airports, pharmaceutical companies, multinationals and even SMEs all need to be able to switch over immediately to an emergency power supply in the event of an outage. SDM takes care of this process," says CEO Bavo De Man.

Over the years, SDM has acquired the necessary expertise and has entered into partnerships with respected companies. One such recent partnership is with Eldon.

Eldon supplies electrical enclosures, which SDM then fully assembles to meet the needs and specifications of its customers. This partnership offers excellent added value, as Eldon is a dynamic and solution-oriented company that can support SDM in ensuring its customers are and remain satisfied.

Eldon solution for the Spa Francorchamps Circuit

The motor-racing circuit Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps hosts the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix, and of the Spa 24 Hours & 1 000 km Spa endurance races. Considered as one of the most challenging race tracks in the world, mainly due to its fast, hilly and twisty nature, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is one of the favorite circuits of many racing drivers and fans.

The project was not an easy one: "Take, for example, the Formula 1 weekend at the Spa Francorchamps circuit, where the power demand increases considerably for a short period of just a few days. We temporarily connected a mobile assembly to the existing installation to ensure redundancy and avoid any power outages," De Man explains.

It has been however a successful project and formula 1 fans everywhere can enjoy this long-time home of the Belgian Grand Prix and its lovely location within the Ardennes forests.

Mild steel combinable version, double door enclosure MCD20125R5
Mild steel combinable version, single door enclosure MCS20045R5
Side panels SPM2005R5
Outside cable fixing bar CABP1200
Internal baying brackets CCI06
Internal corner baying kit CCM04
Front/rear Plinths PF1120
Side Plinths PS1050
Filler plates MPF2000
Document pocket DRA04
Click-in profile CLPK500
Compact design LED light TLCL87035-24