Precise and tight door closing with the new door wheel DW02

Eldon now offers a new door wheel for wall mounted enclosures that guarantees smooth and reliable door closing even when the enclosure is mounted on an uneven surface or when the door is heavily loaded with equipment.

An enclosure must maintain the specified protection degree, even if the mounting surface is uneven or of if the door is heavily loaded. Situations like this could affect the relative position between the body and the door and, as a result, reduce the seal in between.

Eldon now offers a new door wheel to be mounted on the enclosure door, which ensures the enclosure door closes perfectly and tightly, and the stated protection degree is maintained.

The new door wheel is available for Eldon’s wall mounted enclosures in mild steel and stainless steel. It makes closing easier and smoother and guarantees that the seal between the gasket and the enclosure body is perfect.

This accessory is useful for wall mounted enclosures up to a height of less than 
1 000 mm, since these enclosures do not have an espagnolette locking system with a rod guide that helps place the door into position.

The door wheel can be installed easily in all Eldon’s wall mounted enclosures without any machining, as it is mounted on the door profile studs.

The door wheel cannot be mounted in enclosures with a lower height than 300 mm, as these are not provided with door studs. However, the risk of poor sealing in enclosures of this size is almost zero.

If you have any questions, please contact your Eldon representative.