Eldon launches new ‘Replacement & Spare Parts Catalogue’

Eldon is excited to announce that its new ‘Replacement & Spare Parts Catalogue’ is now available for download.

Listing Eldon’s comprehensive range of replacement parts and spare parts, the catalogue also details new additions to Eldon’s popular range of standard products. 

The Replacement & Spare parts catalogue will simplify the selection and purchase of products when, due to preventive maintenance or damages, the customer needs to change different parts of the standard delivery.

The 104 page catalogue reflects Eldon’s commitment to provide customers and distributors with the very best ongoing support and service for their electrical enclosure requirements.

Divided into easy to read sections, the catalogue has been designed to help customers identify at a glance a very wide range of replacement and spare parts available for Eldon’s standard enclosures, by providing the defined item numbers for each part.

The catalogue includes complete product information following poduct catalogue specifications:

  • The Replacement part represents a complete kit to exchange a specific part of the enclosure that needs changing (e.g. the locking system);

  • The Spare part represents a single part used in the standard product (e.g. plastic holder for locking system) 

The new catalogue includes detailed replacement and spare parts information for the following main products:

Wall mounted enclosures 

Mild steel Single door enclosure MAS
Mild steel Double door enclosure MAD
Mild steel Panel MAP
Stainless steel Single door enclosure ASR
Stainless steel Double door enclosure ADR
Stainless steel      Single door with integrated rain hood enclosure         AFS

Floor standing enclosures

Mild steel Combinable version, single door enclosure MCS
Mild steel Combinable version, double door enclosure MCD
Mild steel
IP protected ICT Rack
Mild steel Industrial computer enclosure MCM
Mild steel Semi-compact version, single door MKS
Mild steel Semi-compact version, double door enclosure         MKD
Mild steel  Compact version, single door enclosure EKS
Mild steel Compact version, double door enclosure EKD
Stainless steel      Combinable version, single door enclosure MCSS
Stainless steel Combinable version, double door enclosure MCDS
Stainless steel Compact version, single door enclosure EKSS
Stainless steel Compact version, double door enclosure EKDS

All Eldon enclosures, accessories, replacement parts and spare parts are manufactured to meet all relevant national, European and International standards and are available for purchase directly from Eldon and through a network of approved distribution partners in all major markets.

For any further questions, please contact us.