The Eldon legacy goes forward under nVent HOFFMAN

With effect from May 5, 2020, Eldon will operate under the name nVent HOFFMAN. One of Eldon’s hallmarks is its legacy of product innovation. Another is that the company is ‘easy to do business with’. As part of nVent HOFFMAN, these characteristics, much appreciated by customers, will be taken forward, and enhanced by the addition of even more resources.

Innovation that boosts the customer’s bottom line

Innovation is also part of nVent’s DNA. Under the nVent HOFFMAN banner‚ we will continue to do our utmost to develop products and support that ensure that our customers remain competitive, while boosting their bottom line.

Three key development drivers will continue to guide much of our R&D. These drivers are fast assembly, optimum protection, and appealing design, and they all contribute to delivering optimum enclosures that meet customers’ exact requirements. Jointly we have impressive resources in terms of R&D and digitalisation initiatives, enabling us to develop an even wider, synchronised solutions portfolio worldwide.

Continuing to be ‘easy to do business with’

Going forward as nVent HOFFMAN, our team throughout the world will continue to ensure that we are ‘easy to do business with’. We are dedicated to delivering the right product, at the right time and place, and at the right price.

As part of the same concept, our products are designed to be easy to work with. Our click-in technology, which enables one person to handle installation without tools, is just one example.

Also each product line has a variety of designs which, combined with a wide range of accessories, make it possible to create many different configurations. Modifications to standard enclosures are no problem. As before, there is an array of special solutions available.

For us, being ‘easy to do business with’ also means providing online tools and information on our websites that help customers in their engineering work.

Stronger together

nVent is a global company specialising in electrical connection and protection solutions, with some 9,000 employees in about 80 locations around the world. Eldon and nVent HOFFMAN together will be in a strong position to support local and global customers. Our combined strengths lie in a global manufacturing footprint and a high-quality, competitive range of both IEC and NEMA electrical enclosures.

A new global dimension brings added value

Eldon and nVent HOFFMAN together will continue to offer precisely the modified enclosure solution each customer needs. But there’s also a new dimension – customers can soon have their design engineered in one location and then sourced in other places throughout the world. With exactly the same specification and quality.

Wherever a customer’s enclosure will be manufactured, our local nVent HOFFMAN specialists understand our manufacturing capabilities and how we can meet the customer’s needs. They will make sure that we live up to our promises, locally and globally.

Want to read more about the background on the change from Eldon to nVent HOFFMAN? Download our presentation brochure, ‘Eldon is becoming nVent HOFFMAN’. It’s available in the same language as most of this site.