SAS050OSL Profilé bras commande léger

The SA SL is a swing arm system is designed for use with a control panel, OICP, or with a control enclosure, OICE. It can be used with either open or closed profiles. The closed profiles increase the loading capacity up to a maximum of 450 N. The system is complemented with an extensive range of different elbows and couplings, which allows for the creation of a fully customized solution with standard products. The SA SL system has been tested to prove it withstands vibrations.

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Remarque profil ouvert
Hauteur 60 mm
Largeur 45 mm
Longueur 500
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Code article: SAS050OSL
Code EAN: 8713574117662
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Caractéristiques techniques


Le poids maximum qu'un bras oscillant SL peut supporter dépend de la longueur du bras et de la structure des systèmes.

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