PWA2000 Modular wire workstation

Personal wiring assistant

PWA 2000
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Teknisk data


The Modular Wire Workstation allows to combine several options including a wire magazine, machines for cutting, stripping and crimping, and a printer for wire labels and storage produced wires. Suitable for one-off production ideal for direct use in the panel shop or prefabrication for future use.

Human Machine Interface:

Modern operating solution with 19’’ touchscreen and PC with Windows 10 64-bit operating system.

Machine software:

Personal Wiring Suit is an intuitive programming system for the PWA2000 to produce the wires and identification labels. The software also visualizes the panel wiring by providing the source and target plus the routing in the panel.


Projects generated with almost all available CAD and E-planning systems in the market can be processed directly on the machine software, using .CSV or .XLS files.

Nominell spänning:

240 V, 1~, 50 Hz.

Nominell ström:

8 / 16 A.

Available modules:

Wire magazine, Cutting, Stripping and crimping, Printer for wire labels, Storage of produced wires.

Module - Wire magazine:

The ergonomic table includes a modular wire magazine for either the original wire packaging or dedicated storage to feed the machine.

Module - Cutting:

Machine for cutting wires with a cross section from 0,5 mm² up to 16 mm² (AWG 20-5) to adjustable lengths at a speed up to 400 wires per hour.

Module - Stripping and crimping:

Electropneumatic stripper and crimping machine with 5-way magazine for processing insulated wire end ferrules on a reel. Crimping length can be adjusted either to 8 mm or alternatively 10 mm. Wires with a cross-section from 0,5 mm² up to 2,5 mm² (AWG 20-14) can be processed without set-up times.

Module - Printer for wire labels:

Wire labels are printed automatically to ensure a fast and reliable panel wiring.

Module - Storage of produced wires:

The produced wires can be placed on a removable bar positioned in the front of the workstation. There is a dedicated storage on the side of the workstation for completed bars.

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