PF1050 Plinth front/ rear, 100x500

The front and rear plinth allows for cabling without any restrictions in accordance with the VDE 0113 standard. Installing cables is made easy as the plinth creates extra space underneath the enclosure.

PF Product Image
Height 100 mm
Width 500 mm
Item no.: PF1050
EAN no.: 8713574056091
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Technical data


Front and rear plinth sections. For cabling without any restrictions and in accordance with the VDE 0113 standard. The plinth consists of four corner pieces with removable front covers. The side panels PS are to be ordered separately. Produced in 100 mm and 200 mm heights. 200 mm high plinths are delivered with a rear cover for cabling that consists of two removable panels 100 mm high. The front cover is a one piece panel of 200 mm high. All panels have double returns on each side for added strength.


Corner pieces in 2 mm and panels in 1.5 mm mild steel.


RAL 7022 structured powder coating.

Pack quantity:

1 set of 4 corner pieces including covers. Front and rear panel (2 rear panels for 200 mm high plinths) with mounting accessories. Mounting accessories for side panels PS or transversal profiles PCP.

Mounting requirements:

Add the side panels PS for a complete plinth. When combining enclosures it is recommended to add transversal panels PCP for cable duct support and extra rigidity.



Painted steel plinth with front and rear removable panels for mild steel floor standing enclosures.


The plinth is mounted underneath the enclosure to provide extra space between the installation floor and the enclosure's bottom plates, this space is accessible by removing the front or rear panel.


Installing cables into the enclosure can be done easily as the plinth creates extra space below the enclosure. This extra space allows the installer to route the cables through the plinths for bayed enclosures. The plinth allows enclosures to be fixed to the floor without the need for interior access.


The front and rear plinth PF, must be mounted along with side panels PS. If creating an enclosure system with multiple enclosures then the side panels are required to be mounted at the beginning and end only. To reinforce the combined plinths, plinth combining profiles PCP/PCPK, should be used.

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