Eldon will make life easier for you

Eldon’s knowledgeable, motivated and attentive staff at our strategically located sales offices provide high quality expertise and support that is hard to find anywhere else. Every Eldon sales office delivers unmatched levels of attention and personal service that result in long-term partnerships with customers.

In addition, Eldon offers other, more specific services such as stock keeping, certification assistance and useful engineering tools.

Stock Keeping

Putting customer needs first, Eldon’s 100% reliability concerning quality, on-time delivery and unmatched partnership approach is reflected by our willingness to keep stock of customized enclosures for repetitive orders from customers.

One stock keeping service is called Safety Stock and is offered to customers placing repeat orders of customized enclosures and who are unable to hold substantial stock for long periods due to space or cost reasons. The other form is Call Off Stock, which can be described as a pre-booked order over a longer period of time, where the customer simply sends a call off order when the item is needed.


All product certificates are available on the Eldon web site. In addition, Eldon will help customers obtain any additional certification required for customized Eldon enclosures. This means independent laboratories will test the compliance of customized Eldon enclosures according to international standards such as IEC-62208, UL508A, GOST and CSA, among others, on behalf of Eldon.

Support Tools

The Eldon web site offers a wide range of support tools, including CAD drawings (2D DXF, PDF and STEP), product data sheets, mounting instructions, an EPLAN library, and thermal management software.

Eldon’s Thermal Management software is an advanced support tool to ease the dimensioning of filter fans, cooling units, heat exchangers and heaters to be used with the enclosures you work with.

Your benefits:

  • High service level through local sales offices
  • Insight into local requirements
  • Stock keeping services to eliminate space requirements
  • Stock keeping services for faster deliveries
  • Certification support to guarantee compliance of customized enclosures
  • Support tools for efficient engineering within the customer organization