LDSW01 Door switch

The door switch will allow lights or other electrical devices to turn on, or off, when the enclosure door is opened without the need for any manual interference.

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Item no.: LDSW01
EAN no.: 8713574212879
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Technical data


Door switch to be installed directly onto LTLN lights. It includes a mounting plate that is placed onto the LTLN light which allows the switch to be positioned at variable depths. A door switch connection cable is also included. No additional products are needed in order to mount the door switch onto the light.



Pack quantity:

1 piece, 1 door switch connection cable and mounting accessories.

Switch capacity:

3A / 250V.



Door switch with a voltage free contact to switch Eldon's enclosure light, LTLN on and off.


The door switch can be installed easily onto the enclosure light and is operated by either opening or closing the enclosure's door in order to switch the enclosure light on or off automatically, without any additional operation.


The door switch does not waste additional energy as it breaks electrical contact with the enclosure light when operated. This means that when the enclosure's door is closed the light will turn off and turn on when the door is opened. The installation time

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