EL1200DS-BF Light 1200lm TPS + Socket

An innovative LED light specially designed for nVent HOFFMAN enclosures. Equiped with a socket. Tool-free assembly reduces the assembly time. Simple through wiring based on a plug and play system. Suitable for global use with wide range voltage 100-240V.

Feature: IP20
EL1200DS with Socket Web Image
Socket type Type E
Operating voltage 100 V - 240 V ~, 50/60 Hz
Width 364
Item no.: EL1200DS-BF
EAN no.: 8713574231382
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Technical data


LED enclosure light specially designed for nVent HOFFMAN enclosures. Fast and tool-free assembly thanks to a latching hook system designed to fit the 25mm hole pattern on nVent HOFFMAN enclosures. May be fitted horizontally or vertically.

Lamp type:



1200 lm.

Light colour:

4000 K (neutral white).

Power consumption:

12 W

Operating voltage:

100 V - 240 V ~, 50/60 Hz


Infeed, 3-pole. Through wiring, 3-pole.

Operating temperature:

-20 °C … +55 °C




364 × 76 × 48 mm.



LED enclosure light with integrated socket, multi voltage. Available with different sockets


Off the shelf LED light designed for nVent HOFFMAN enclosures. The light can be easily mounted on nVent HOFFMAN enclosures. Can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.


Fast, tool-free assembly  thanks to the integrated quick fixation.


It is highly recommended to install a door switch to reduce the energy consumption. An option with a screw and magnetic attachment.

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