EGL250UL230 Обогреватель 250 Вт

This fan heater, EGL, uses a fan to distribute the heat generated evenly throughout the enclosure, which means hot spots can be prevented. Water condensation is eliminated, also when the ambient temperature drops sharply.

CE Declaration of Conformity cULus_UL Listed
Характеристика: IP 20
EGL Product Image
() 250
(A) 1.1
L (mm) 187
Gross weight 1.20
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Номер товара: EGL250UL230
Номер EAN: 8713574097483
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Технические данные


Обогреватель со встроенным вентилятором, может устанавливаться в желаемом положении, но предпочтительнее в вертикальном. Обеспечивает быстрый теплообмен. Эффективно препятствует образованию конденсата в шкафах. Быстрая установка на 35 мм DIN-рейку EN50022. Макс. температура поверхности 70°C (EGL250) и 85°C (EGL400).


PTC resistor, self regulating and temperature limiting.


40 000 часов при 25°C (77°F).

- :

1 шт.



Fan heater, with a high heating capacity.


The generated heat is distributed within the enclosure using forced air, produced by the heater's fan.


When installed, water condensation will be avoided especially in situations when the ambient temperature dramatically drops. As the air will be distributed by the integrated fan, hot spots within the enclosure will be prevented.


A thermostat with a normally closed contact, ETR or EFR, is recommended in order to control the heater.

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