ECH100 Heater 100W

This double insulated compact heater, ECH(T) is available with or without a thermostat. Water condensation is eliminated, also when the ambient temperature drops sharply. Choosing a version with an already integrated thermostat will save space inside the enclosure and reduce installation time compared with a thermostat mounted separately.

CE Declaration of Conformity EAC cRUus_UL Recognized
Feature: IP 20/II
ECH(T) Product Image
Heating Capacity (W) 100
Starting current (A) 4.5
L (mm) 110
Voltage (V) 120-240 V AC
Weight (kg) 0.35
ECH(T) Catalogue drawing image
Item no.: ECH100
EAN no.: 8713574121751
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Technical data


Double insulated vertical heater to prevent condensation. Mounting clip for 35 mm DIN rail (EN60715). Touch-safe heater, the temperatures of the housing are kept under 80 °C except upper protective grille. The heater with thermostat (ECHT) includes a plug-in thermostat therefore it does not require additional wiring, starting temperature of 5 °C, and switch-off temperature of 15 °C.

Heating element:

PTC resistor, temperature limiting.


Plastic according to UL94 V-0.

Operating temperature:

-45 °C to +70 °C. The heating capacity is for ambient temperature 20 °C.


Pole terminal 2.5 mm², torque 0.8 Nm max.


IP 20, Class II (double insulated).





Pack quantity:

1 piece.



Double insulated compact heater, with or without a thermostat.


The housing of the heater is kept under 80°C due to the heaters double insulation. For the heater with an integrated thermostat, customers save installation time as the thermostat does not need to be connected.


When installed, water condensation will be avoided especially in situations when the ambient temperature dramatically drops. For the heater with an integrated thermostat, customer's labour costs are reduced due to not having to install a separate thermostat, which also saves space inside the enclosure.


A thermostat with a normally closed contact, ETR or EFR, is recommended in order to control the heater.

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