DWP02 Drain plug IP44

Easy to install drain plug that removes condensed water to secure the protection degree.

Feature: IP 44
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Item no.: DWP02
EAN no.: 8713574121874
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Technical data


Drain plug to remove condensation water. Easy to install. Fits material thicknesses up to 4 mm. Protection degree IP 44.



Machining required:

Round hole 11 mm diameter.

Pack quantity:

10 pieces.



Rubber drain plug to be mounted in the bottom of enclosures.


The plug removes all of the condensed water from the enclosure while maintaining IP 44 protection degree. The plug can be mounted easily even if the enclosure is fully equipped.


The plug is a good solution to control water condensation in situations when it cannot be avoided, as it prevents water accumulating within the bottom of the enclosure. The plug can be installed later in the field, if water condensation is noticed reducing the additional maintenance costs of bringing the enclosure back into the workshop.

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