DAHHL300AC Heater, 300 W

Heaters designed for use in hazardous locations where electronic components require protection from cold and freezing temperatures, condensation and corrosion.

ATEX CE Declaration of Conformity Declaration of Compliance IECEx
Feature: II2G Ex d IIC T3 / II2 D Ex Td A21 IP 65 T200 C.
Height 325 mm
Width 229 mm
Depth 60 mm
Weight (kg) 5,65
Heating type Convection
Power regulation Self limiting
Temperature classification T3
Rated voltage (VAC/VDC) 110/265
Heating Power (W) 300
Item no.: DAHHL300AC
EAN no.: 8713574247741
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Technical data


50 W and 80 W models can be mounted directly to manifolds, measuring or analysing instruments, control valves, and similar equipment. 200 W, 300 W, 400 W, 600 W models are finned heaters that heat the area by transferring the heat from the heater to surrounding air, creating a convection current.


Black anodized aluminium.

Heating element:

Conductive and convective heating types available.

Operating temperature:

Provides freeze protection down to -60 °C (-76 °F). Maximum temperature 150 ºC (302 ºF).


ATEX, IECEx; II2G Ex d IIC T3 / II2 D Ex Td A21 IP 65 T200 C; NEC CSA us; Class I, Div 1 Groups A, B, C, D / Class II Div 1 Groups E, F, G

Pack quantity:

1 piece.


A thermostat, range HLTSTAT, is required for 400 W and 600 W models. It is sold separately as an accessory.



ATEX- and IECEx-certified accessory.


Time and cost savings in the end-use investigation process of the final assembly.


Certification of final assembly is easier if installed components are certified.

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