DABP121209GE Terminal box, 120x122x86

The ABS terminal box range, DABP, with a IP 66, 67 protection degree, is available off the shelf in many different sizes. The DABP range is well suited for demanding environments, since water and dust are prevented from entering the terminal box, thus eliminating the risk for component failure, and with that unnecessary downtime.

CE Declaration of Conformity GOST IP Declaration of Compliance
Feature: IP 66,67 IK 06/07
DABP Product Image
Height 120 mm
Width 122 mm
Depth 86 mm
Inner depth (mm) 72
Weight (kg) 0.25
DABP - DPCP Catalogue drawing image
Item no.: DABP121209GE
EAN no.: 6418677177422
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Technical data


ABS box, halogen-free, suitable for indoor use. Low UV radiation resistance.


Body: ABS. Plain cover: ABS. Transparent cover: polycarbonate.


Polyurethane gasket integrated in the box cover.

Temperature resistance:

-40 °C to +60 °C.


UL94 HB.


IP 66, 67 | IK 06 (-25 °C), IK 07 (+35 °C).


RAL 7035.


Body, cover, cover screws manufactured from stainless steel, mounting screws and cover plugs made from polyamide.



ABS terminal box, available in a wide range of sizes, with a high IP 66, 67 protection degree.


Customers can choose terminal boxes that meet their size requirements, off the shelf. The installed components inside the terminal box will be safe and secure due to the high protection degree.


Customers can receive terminal boxes with a short delivery time, that match their size requirements. This will also remove any extra costs due to oversizing. Component failure and unnecessary downtime is avoided as water and dust are prevented from entering the terminal box.


The mounting plate, DMP, and DIN profiles, DR, have to be ordered separately, in order to complete the installation of the terminal box.

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