CUH38004 Roof cooling unit 3800W

This roof cooling unit, CUH, with a IP 54 protection degree, provides cooling, either to one enclosure or to a complete assembly, depending on the cooling requirements and desired energy consumption level. It is placed on top of the enclosure and is perfect when there is not enough space on the door or side panels.

CE Declaration of Conformity cRUus_UL Recognized
Характеристика: IP 54
CUH Product Image
Height 480 mm
Width 800 mm
Depth 450 mm
Cooling capacity L35L35 (W) 3800
Cooling capacity L35L50 (W) 2700
Power consumption L35L50 (W) 1550
Power supply (V/ph/Hz) 400 - 3 - 50 / 460 - 3 -60
Capacity (W) 3800
Voltage (V) 400-3-50/460-3/60
Current (A) 3,8
Starting current (A) 7
Pre-fuse (A) 8
Max. running current (A) 3.5
Side cabinet fan flow (m³/h) 1450
Noise level (dB) 77
Weight (kg) 82.90
CUH38004 Catalogue drawing imageCUH Product Image
Номер товара: CUH38004
Номер EAN: 8713574184145
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Технические данные


High performance cooling unit for top installation, the air conditioners cover a cooling capacity range from 600 W to 3800 W. Condensation management system, which prevents all condensation from penetrating into the enclosure. Most models are equipped with a condensation dissipator and “triple condensation protection system”, from 1400 W up to 3800 W units. Easy installation with a quick release mounting frame. Common to all models is the self cleaning condenser coil which eliminates the necessity for an air filter, avoiding ordinary maintenance. The standard controller is electronic. The digital thermostat (ECB) is standard on all roof units. The cooling capacity for specific conditions are indicated in the diagrams. Ozone friendly refrigerant R134a.

Type of connection:

Spring-type terminal included.


Mild steel powder coated, RAL 7035.

Temperature limits inside:

+25 °C to +45 °C.

Temperature limits outside:

+20 °C to +55 °C.


IP 54.


RAL 7035.


CE, cRUus_UL Recognized.

Pack quantity:

One unit.



Roof cooling unit with a IP 54 protection degree.


The cooling unit can provides cooling to enclosure's that do not have enough space on the door or side panels whether standalone or as part of an enclosure assembly.


Floor standing enclosures can be cooled independently of each other, if required. This avoids cooling the entire enclosure assembly, reducing the amount of energy required, saving unnecessary costs.


To minimise how much energy the cooling unit consumes, it is recommended to install the door switch, DSW01. Once installed, the door switch will turn the cooling unit off, once the door is opened.

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