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This gland plate is ideal when there are many incoming or outgoing cables and limited installation space. It can be installed without using tools, quickly and easily.

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Item no.: CEP2429
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Technical data


Plastic cable entry for a fast, economical and tool-free incoming of cables and/or pneumatic conduits inside the enclosure. Integrated seal. For snap-in fastening (only for wall thicknesses ranging between 1.4 and 2 mm) and/or screwing. Installation height: 15.5 mm.


Polyamide, and the seal is made of TPU/NBR/EPDM, halogen free.

Temperature resistance:

-30ºC to +70ºC.


V-0 according to UL94.




IP 65.

Pack quantity:

1 piece.



Plastic click-in gland plates offer different predefined cable configurations.


The gland plate can be installed quickly and increases the number of cables that can be installed.


The gland plate provides a good solution when an enclosure requires many incoming/outgoing cables but there is limited cable installation space.

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