CAG25 Cable anchorage gland M25

This two component cable gland can be mounted on a wide range of enclosures. It secures the cable into position, and eliminates any external strains.

CAG Product Image
Height 17-20 mm
H2 5.7
Metric M25
Diameter 39-42
Cable diameter (mm) 7-13
Hole diameter (mm) 25.5
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Item no.: CAG25
EAN no.: 8713574187290
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Technical data


Two-component grommet with membrane seal and cable anchorage. The installation does not require tools, it is self-adjusting to its surrounding wall thickness and click-fixed in place. Because of its compact design it only extends 5.7 mm outside the enclosure on which it is mounted. The “pushout” membrane is a permanent seal until it is penetrated by a cable or pipe. Suitable for holes in materials of 0.7 to 3 mm thickness.


TPE and polyamide 66, halogen free.

Temperature resistance:

-20 ºC to +125 ºC.


RAL 7035.


IP 67, 65, waterproof.

Pack quantity:

50 pieces.



Innovative two component cable glands with anchorage and self adjustment system.


The cable glands can be installed in enclosures of different thicknesses while the anchorage maintains the cables' position.


The cable glands are compatible with a wide range of enclosures and ensures external strains on cables are relieved avoiding damage to internal equipment.  

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