BP4608SS Vortex cooler 162W, 126

This Vortex cooler, BP, with a IP 66 protection degree, is easy to install, has no moving parts, and is maintenance free. In addition to cooling, it also reduces the relative humidity within the enclosure it is mounted on. This Vortex cooler is an ideal solution to prevent overheating within the enclosure.

CE Declaration of Conformity cRUus_UL Recognized
Feature: IP 66 TYPE 4X
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Note IP 66, TYPE 4X, Stainless steel
Low pressure relief valve Yes
Silencer included No
Height 126 mm
Air flow (l/min) 227
Noise (dB) 78
Cooling Capacity (W) 162
Instalation cut-out diam. (mm) 33
Air inlet 1/8"
Weight (kg) 0.35
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Item no.: BP4608SS
EAN no.: 8713574119048
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Technical data


Compact, reliable and low cost way to cool and purge enclosures. It produces cold air from compressed air, with no moving parts. The easy mounting through a standard electrical knockout makes this solution especially suitable to be installed even when the enclosures are already in the field. For a continuous Vortex operating, relative humidity inside the enclosure is maintained below 45%, no moisture condenses inside the enclosure (the enclosure must be sealed). Most TYPE 4 and 4X units include a silencer to minimize the noise. The coolers must be installed vertically to maintain the protection degree.


Internal Vortex tube manufactured in stainless steel. External cover, BP TYPE 12 in plastic and aluminium, BP TYPE 4 in aluminium, and 4X in stainless steel.


Depending on type, up to IP66 | TYPE 4X.

Pack quantity:

Vortex cooler with mounting accessories.



Vortex cooler, with no moving parts and a high protection degree of up to IP 66.


The vortex cooler provides a maintenance free cooling solution which also reduces the relative humidity within the enclosure. The vortex cooler can be installed on the enclosure easily, reducing the required installation time.


The maintenance free cooling solution prevents unnecessary downtime. This reliable solution reduces the customer's labour cost due to the ease of installation.


It is recommended to install a thermostat, BPT, as well as an air distribution kit, BPA.

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